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Why to choose us for embryo donation treatment?

Anonymous donation

Embryo donation is strictly anonymous in the Czech Republic.

Large donor database

Every month we receive dozens of new donors and thanks to this we can offer you a wide database of embryos.

Detailed donor health check

Each donor undergoes a very detailed entrance examination, which includes a genetic test.

Young donors of sperm and eggs

Most of our donors are women and men between 20 and 30 years old.

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The course of IVF with embryo donation

1st step

Consultation with IVF coordinator

After submitting a contact form, our coordinator will contact you to discuss the treatment options, ask you to fill out an initial consultation questionnaire, and tell you what test results are needed.

2nd step

Assessment of the woman's reproductive capacity

You can undergo a medical examination in your country and send us the results, or you can come to Prague and be examined directly in the fertility centre.

3rd step

Free online consultation with our IVF doctor

During the initial consultation, the doctor will recommend treatment options based on the results of the examination and discuss the procedure with you.

4th step

Selecting a suitable embryo

Based on your wishes (eye colour, hair colour, height, hobbies, education, ...) we will select suitable donors. Embryo donation in the Czech Republic is strictly anonymous.

5th step

Stimulation of the endometrium

You will take medication that thickens the lining of the uterus (the endometrium), preparing it to receive the embryo.

6th step

Embryo transfer

The embryo is introduced into the uterine cavity without anesthesia using a thin elastic catheter, the end of which is tracked by ultrasound for precise embryo positioning.


Positive pregnancy test

After the frozen embryo transfer, you should avoid excessive physical activity and stress. The success of the artificial insemination is confirmed by a positive pregnancy test from a blood sample on the 14th day after the transfer.

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